Jiří Čihák

Mgr. et Mgr. Jiří Čihák

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We are a team of experienced lawyers with extensive experience in a number of practice areas. We appreciate that legal issues often involve economic, accounting and tax aspects, and also have a business dimension that must be taken into account. We are able to find an effective tailor-made solution, and arrange for any additional services. Our philosophy is that there is a solution to any issue if you find the right perspective.

Andrea Kneiflová

Mgr. Ing. Andrea Kneiflová

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Jiří Čihák

Mgr. et Mgr. Jiří Čihák

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Jiří graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Western Bohemia as well as from the Police Academy of the Czech Republic. Jiří’s relationship with law goes back to his childhood and family environment, so he had no choice but to become a lawyer. While still being a student of law programmes at two universities, Jíří started working in a law firm, and has stayed in the business up to now. During more than 15 years of experience in the field, Jíří made a trajectory from the junior to the most senior law firm positions, and provided comprehensive services to prominent Czech and international clients, often cooperating with top Czech lawyers. In 2015, Jíří passed the Bar Exam and joined teams of lawyers dealing with business projects and litigation and arbitration with hundreds of millions of Czech crowns at stake. In 2022, he decided to establish his own boutique law firm having an ambition to rank equal with the top ones.

His practice areas include:

  • Comprehensive solutions to a variety of legal issues, often involving a cross-border dimension
  • Litigation
  • Arbitration
  • Contract law
  • Corporate law
Andrea Kneiflová

Mgr. Ing. Andrea Kneiflová

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Andrea graduated from the Faculty of Law of Palacký University Olomouc and defended a thesis entitled Administrative Discretion and its Judicial Review. While still being a student, she did an internship at the Olomouc branch of the Ostrava Regional Court. She has also completed an MA programme at the Technical University in Ostrava dealing with technology and economics. She joined our law firm after acquiring experience in law and economics in the corporate world, namely in the arms industry and mechanical engineering. Therefore, she is in the best position to contribute a business and economic perspective to solving legal issues. In addition to proposing and implementing comprehensive solutions to legal issues, Andrea is also a trainer for many practice areas.

Her practice areas include:

  • Employment law
  • Corporate law
  • Arms and security law
  • Compliance and GDPR
  • Administrative law
  • Due diligence
  • Training

What we offer


We believe that an agreement is most often the best and speediest solution that saves both time and money. However, our experience shows that an agreement is not always an option. For such situations, we can offer comprehensive and reliable assistance with dispute resolution, including representation before courts, arbitration courts, arbitrators or tribunals. We try to be frank with our clients, so once we assess the risks, be prepared that you may not hear what you wished to hear from us.

Corporate law

We provide comprehensive legal services and counselling to companies regardless of their size and legal form. Thanks to our extensive experience, we provide high-quality representation in both court and arbitration proceedings. The range of the services we offer to companies is a good complement to or substitute for in-house lawyers, making us the go-to lawyers for the company.

Employment law

We provide employment law services to both employers and employees. In addition to acting for them in court or before administrative authorities, we offer preventive services such as contract audits, risk analyses, or design of remedies.

Security and arms industry

We are able to assist our clients in relation to arms, ammunition, explosives, dual-use goods and international trade with military equipment, and arrange for any related services (licensing and authorization issues, compliance with related administrative duties).

Due diligence and forensic audits

Our due diligence services don’t include only legal due diligence, but we can also help with the engagement of data analysts, or financial and tax specialists. We take into account the specific aspects of each industry and case, and we propose tailor-made solutions. To get you covered, we can provide you with information about the financial standing or performance of your business partners or their reliability.

Contract law

Our experience enables us to draft tailor-made agreements in line with the needs and instructions of our clients ranging from simple loan agreements, through more complex lease agreements and real property purchase agreements, or asset purchase agreements, to such unusual contracts such an ice rink operation agreement or quarry redevelopment agreement. We appreciate that a good agreement is a basis for any solid cooperation, and well-designed contractual obligations can save a lot of trouble in the future, so we draft the contracts accordingly.

Administrative law and proceedings

We also provide comprehensive representation and counselling in the field of administrative law involving administrative infractions, administrative actions, or communication with administrative authorities.


Our law firm offers training to our clients, their employees and as well as other professionals. Naturally, we can also offer tailor-made training to cater to our client's needs (e.g. initial and regular Compliance and GDPR training, or training on selected issues of employment law).

Compliance and personal data protection

To avoid any business-related adverse situations, it is necessary to implement a well-designed and effective compliance programme. Compliance involves not only bribery prevention, but prevention of any undesirable conduct (mobbing, bossing, sexual harassment, violation of industry-specific legislation for the arms, pharmaceutical or energy industries). Our counselling services also include the design of anti-money laundering measures and KYC processes. As part of the corporate compliance programme, we can assist with the incorporation of whistleblowing rules to mitigate any risks and related costs. In light of the importance of compliance in the area of data protection, data protection is yet another of our practice areas.